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Fiction & Poetry

The cover of the zine “The Angel House.” A collage of a sleeping woman with a man’s hand around her neck. The hand is covered in the image of other hands.

Angel House
Original fiction. An art restorer is tasked with helping to conserve the taxidermied corpse of her husband’s first wife while the threat of war looms in the background. Originally published in audio format with Tales To Terrify.
The cover of the zine “Sunset Salamanders.” It is a collage with the title over a map of Los Angeles.

Sunset Salamanders
Experimental flash fiction from AJ Archer, inspired by the cutthroat, sun-drenched world of “Selling Sunset.”
The cover of the zine “Sappho in Laadan.” An illustration of the labrys lesbian flag surrounded by flowers.

Sappho in Laadan
In 1982, Suzette Haden Elgin created Laadan, a wwomen's language, for her“Native Tongue” sci-fi trilogy. In 2002, Anne Carson translated Sappho fragments into English. And in 2016, Mar Stratford translated these English Sappho fragments into Laadan.


The cover of the zine “Leather and Lavender.” A half-peeled orange sits atop a leather book. In the background is the sea.

Our Flag Means Death Anthology
72 pages of fanfiction and collage inspired by "Our Flag Means Death Season 1. If you would like cassette tape recordings of the 4 character playlists included in this zine, please include a note with your order.
The cover of the zine “My Gay Space Dads.” A collage of Kirk and Spock.

Space Dads: A K/S Minizine
8 pages on fandom, gay youth and the search for gay history, the enduring power of Kirk/Spock.

Perzines (More Serious)

The cover of the zine “Boy Made of Meat.” A photo of the author in the hospital with a screenshot of a tumblr text post saying “I am now missing my entire reproductive syste.”

Boy Made of Meat
In 2014, Swamphouse Co-Editor Brendan underwent a total abdominal hysterectomy. The zine documents the recovery process using archival tumblr posts and text conversations. Note: This zine contains images of surgical gore.
The cover of the zine “A Personal and Legal History of Same Sex Marriage in the United States.” The text of the title is next to a series of rainbow-colored lines.

A History of Same-Sex Marriage in the US
A comprehensive timeline of same sex marriage in the US, from 1775 to 2023 for all US states and one US citizen - Mar, the Swamphouse Press Co-Editor.
The cover of the zine “Queer Revenge Fantasies.” A list of fantasies, all blurring into each other, make up the first half of the cover page. The second half of the cover is dominated by the title.

Queer Revenge Anthology
In summer 2018, Brendan and Mar asked “do you want revenge?” Half a dozen queer authors and artists discussed what revenge is, what it looks like, and if it’s even desirable.

Perzines (Less Serious)

 The cover of the zine “How to Tell My Cats Apart.” The famous twin girls from Kubrick’s film The Shining stand in a hallway. They are wearing matching outfits and holding hands. Their heads have been replaced in photoshop by the heads of two black cats.

How to Tell My Cats Apart
Having trouble keeping our beautiful, almost identical cats apart? This zine will give you all the tips and tricks you need to spot their unique features. Bonus: it unfolds to a quiz where you can test your skill! This zine is printed in full color.
The cover of the zine “Am I High Yet?” An illustrated Mystery.

Am I High Yet?
The illustrated comic mystery of Marigold’s first experience with weed, where they began asking the timeless and important question of all first-time-smokers: am I high yet?
The cover of the zine “Get Down Mr. President.” An illustration of a little dog leaping dramatically in front of a pair of legs.

Mr. President, Get Down!
Hildegard Von Bingen, the Chiweenie, believes she’s been assigned to protect the most important people in the free world. She takes this job very seriously. Unfortunately, she’s a foot tall and doesn’t actually need to protect anyone.
 A collage of bigfoot walking through the mountains, carrying two pride flags.

Queer Cryptids Anthology
In 2016, at what we thought was the peak of queer interest in cryptids, we asked “what’s so special about these mythical beings?” Now in its 10th+ printing in 2024, the continued queer interest in cryptids keeps the answers as prescient as ever.
The cover of the zine “Some Fears.” The hand-lettered words sit in the middle of an illustration of spirals.

Some Fears
An illustrated zine of some very specific fears.
The cover of the zine “TV Shows Ranked by how Accessible They are for Me, a Person with Prosopagnosia.” The words are hand-lettered.

TV Guide for Prosopagnosiacs
Prosopagnosia, or “face blindness,” makes it difficult to determine specific facial features or expressions. Which means it’s hard to tell people apart. Which means it’s extra hard to watch TV.